Little Chums Pre-School is a small cosy school. The aim is to create a village nursery in the heart of Lingfield where the education offered is a balance between formal learning and learning through play.
Key to the ethos at Little chums is that children actively lead their own development with no pressure on them in any way. From the day a child starts the school is geared up towards gentle preparation for the next step. Starting with the morning greetings, lining up with the rest of the class, hanging up coats on individual pegs, through to learning to count and write.
The younger children can start with two mornings a week Monday and Wednesday and then they can progress to Friday morning’s when they are ready for the next step. Each day the children will play inside and out in the garden and all activities are very much based on learning through play.
Little Chums is the first step on the education ladder. We will do our very best to make sure children leave us confident and happy, with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. “We want them running to school”