Guiding principles

We  Follow the Early years foundation stage  (EYFS)

The seven areas of learning are always at the heart of our learning.

Personal Social Emotion Development

 We are fabulous friends.

We are confident, welcoming, friendly, helpful, kind and caring. We work together to create and follow the Little Chums rules. We look after ourselves and our environment.

Communication and Language

We are talented talkers.

We are learning to listen, follow instructions and concentrate for increasing periods of time. We enjoy stories and rhymes. We are able to communicate our wants and wishes and we use our talking skills to build friendships and negotiate our play.

Physical Development

We are resilient risk takers and master manipulators.

We are learning to use our bodies in a variety of different ways. We are keen to explore and try new physical challenges.

We are learning to use our bodies to make marks and effect change to materials in our environment.


We are superstar story tellers.

We enjoy listening to, and joining in with, stories and songs. We create our own stories with confidence. We make marks in a variety of ways in a variety of places.


We are masters of maths.

We explore numbers, counting and the shapes in the world around us. We enjoy experimenting with measure as we order objects and tip and pour in our play.

Understanding the World

We are excellent explorers.

We ask questions as we explore and investigate the world around us. We learn about our world and the people in it. We learn about our environment and how to care for the natural world.

Expressive arts and Design

We are curious creators.

We create with open minds using a huge variety of resources. We are inspired by nature and by amazing people, places, events and objects.

We explore sound and experience and create a variety of wonderful music.