A typical day

Variety, challenge and of course, plenty of time to play

We offer a wide variety of well-planned activities each day. These are interspersed with  free flow outdoor play.

9.00 – 9.15    Children arrive  They hang up their coat on their peg put their lunch box on the rack and put their fruit in the fruit basket.

9.15 – 9.50   Free play  Children can explore and choose want they want to play from the many resources on offer today, maybe,  Role play, construction toys, Home corner or they may choose sit in the book corner read a book,  just chat to their friends or play outside.

CircleTime9.50 – 10.00   Circle Time  We all come together, we will talk about our day,  update our date & weather board, we will discuss what we need for our outside play today, Sun Hat, Coat, wellington boots?  We encourage children to show and tell.

10.00 – 10.30

Snack Bar open  We have a healthy snack of fruit and a biscuit. Children are offered milk or water to drink. Water is always available to drink throughout the session. The children are encouraged to help prepare & serve the snacks and wash up if they want to.

10.30 – 11.30  Children can choose to participate in today’s activities or go outside to play.

MessyTimeActivities:  play dough, collage, painting, messy play, threading, reading, being creative, writing & drawing.  Activities rotate daily and include activities requested by the children.


Outside play:  Outside to have some more fun.  On offer in the Garden,  Loose parts,  Bikes, scooters, sand, water play, make a den, playing with the giant parachute or any game from their imagination.

11.30  Story time/Music & Song  All come together again, we sing, play musical instruments, have today’s story and finish with merit awards and rewarding our stars of day.

12.00  Home time!!!

The afternoon session runs the same.

N.B. This timetable is only an indication of a day at the nursery. Children have the right to make choices throughout their day. Key workers will follow up child-initiated ideas, which can mean a change of plan/activity e.g. If it’s an extremely hot day, we might decide to use the paddling pool, spray water at each other etc. If it snows we might make snowmen and have a snowball fight.

Days out of school:  The children will have special days outside of school, a teddy bears picnic, trip to the library or fire station.