A typical day

9.00am –9.30am

The children are greeted at the gate, they come into Pre School, self-register and wash their hands.  The children will then change into appropriate clothing for the Forest according to the weather requirements.  The children are encouraged to think about what they need and prepare themselves for the day.  Once they are ready, they head into the garden to play whilst they wait for their friends to be ready too.


  We collect our equipment and rucksacks then we set off for our forest adventures!!!!

10.00am – 11.30

We set up camp, check for any danger, go over our keep ourselves safe rules and then the fun begins.  The children can choose what equipment they want out and what they are going to do.  The staff will observe the children at play to see where we can add value to their play by enhancing it and extending it.  We are careful not to interrupt their critical thinking and exploring as children learn best when they are motivated, leading their own play and are determined to have ago and keep trying.

Making forest school bread
Arts in the fresh air
using our climbing and balancing skills


We pack up our camp, make sure the area we have used has been left as we found It, we have left no trace of our visit and we have not left danger for wildlife.   We then head back to school for a well-earned rest and lunch.  We have a circle time to talk about our morning and bid farewell to our friends who are going home.

12.00pm- 1.00pm

We dim the lights play some calming music whilst we eat lunch and let our brains rest for a bit.   Children are free to eat their lunch in their own time then leave the table when ready to start their afternoons learning.  In warmer weather we will often eat outside.


Children can free flow between inside and outside activities.  Depending on how the children feel we may return to the forest or the park for more adventures.

using fine motor skills
enjoying books and being snuggly

creating in the garden

3.00pm   Home time, Is it that time already?