Learning journey

We offer all parents the opportunity to have one of these lovely and unique children’s memory keepsakes. Learning Journeys comprise of photos of your child in action, some of their artwork, handprints, observations and achievements whilst at the setting. It is important to extend this learning journey to the child’s home environment so you are encouraged to add to the Album. You can contribute by informing us of special events, providing photos of outings, first time they use new words, sentences, balance on a log or anything, This all helps to build a picture of your child and how they are developing. This in turn helps us to meet their interests and needs and extend their learning accordingly.

LearningJourneyWriting books

Every 3 and 4 year old child is allocated a writing book and a drawing book. These books enable children to express themselves through their own creativity/imagination at their own pace. The books provide evidence of children’s progress and help us monitor individual development. This forms part of your child’s “learning journey“.

You may see your child’s Learning Journey at any time, just speak to their key worker.